How to start a Home Business

Home Businesses – Residential/Agricultural District

Many successful home businesses have been established in Brookline. The Town of Brookline defines Home Businesses as:

“A small-scale business operated within a residence and/or accessory structure whose primary commercial activity takes place at the location of the residence. The business must be incidental and subordinate to the use of the lot for residential purposes and not detract from the residential character of the lot”.

To open a business out of your home, there are two steps.

First make sure that your business complies with the criteria set forth in Section 1700.00 of the Zoning and Land Use Ordinance. The Ordinance can be found here.

Second, you must come before the Planning Board for a Home Business Site Plan. The application and checklist for a Home Business Site Plan can be found in the Regulations and Appendices here.  The Town Planner is available to help you through the process!

Town Planner, Michele Decoteau,, 603-673-8855 x 215

Planning Board page with the Current Zoning Ordinance and Regulations.