Max Cohen Memorial Grove

Town Beach

Cohen groveThe Grove (town beach) is located on the shore of Lake Potanipo. The land was a gift from the The Eli & Bessie Cohen Foundation to the Town of Brookline.  It is to be used and maintained as a recreational area for the citizens of Brookline and their guests. The Grove is overseen by the Recreation Commission.  

Parking within the fenced area at the Grove is restricted to Brookline residents only from May 15 thru September 15.  Violators are subject to fines by Brookline police ($25 without proper display of a placard and $100 for misuse of a parking placard).  In order to prove residency residents must display a parking placard from their interior rearview mirror.  Placards can be obtained from Grove personnel, by showing a valid driver’s license, during the season and on pre-set dates prior to the season’s opening. Residents do NOT need to be a member of the Grove to obtain a parking placard.  Daily guest parking passes will be available from staff during the season for those attending the Grove WITH a guest and must be returned to staff at the end of the visit. 

No floatation devices other than those that are Coast Guard approved are to be used within the roped swimming area.

The Grove is NOT accepting day passes.

Official Season: May 28 - August 19, 2023
Hours of Operation: Daily from 11:00am - 7:00pm