Joint Loss Management Committee

The NH Dept. of Labor, under RSA 281:A, requires every employer with 15 or more employees to have a Joint Loss Management Committee (commonly referred to as a safety committee) to ensure that workplaces are free from occupational safety and health hazards. The JLMC is comprised of both labor and management with the goal of preventing accidents and injuries/illnesses in the workplace.

The JLMC reviews the workplace environment to identify deficiencies and develop recommendations to mitigate risks that may harm employees and create liability for the Town of Brookline.  The JLMC is required to meet at least quarterly to conduct workplace safety inspections, review accident and injury data, and must maintain meeting minutes like other town committees.

Board Members

Name Title
Charlie Corey Member
Jeffrey Stewart Member
Janice Watt Member
JP Royea Member
Sharon Sturtevant Member
Marilyn Simons Member
Michael Richard Member
Pat Flynn Member
Jack Hebert Member