Capital Improvements Committee

Description of Services

  1. April - the Brookline Planning Board approves members to serve on the Capital Improvements Committee (CIC) for the upcoming year.
  2. Late April/early May - packets are sent to department heads and committee chairs.
  3. June/July - the forms and accompanying backup materials must be completed and returned by the dates specified. Copies of the returned packets are sent to all CIC members to evaluate and prepare questions.
  4. July/early August - the CIC meets with department heads and committee chairs to discuss the details of each project. Requests for clarification are made in writing as needed.
  5. Late August/September - the CIC evaluates and rates each project and creates a spreadsheet representing all the capital costs over a six-year span of time.
  6. October/November - the CIC finalizes the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) and submits it to the Planning Board for formal approval. 
  7. After Planning Board approval, the CIP is forwarded to the Selectboard and the Finance Committee for effective use during budget hearings for the ensuing fiscal year.


Name Title
Alan Rosenberg Chair (Planning Board Representative)
Jay Kramarczyk Member
Daniel Koenig Finance Committee Representative
Ed Perry Selectboard Rep