Financial Incentives for Businesses

Brookline has two Financial Incentives for Businesses

Brookline has two Financial Incentives for Businesses. The first is our own Tax Exemption on Commercial/Industrial properties.  The second are Economic Revitalizations Zones that provide tax relief at the state level.

Brookline’s Tax Exemption on Commercial/Industrial Properties

At the March 2018 town meeting, Brookline voters adopted the provisions of state RSA 72:80 through 72:83, which provide a new construction property tax exemption for commercial uses as defined in RSA 72:80.The exemption applies to the municipal and local school property taxes assessed by the town and exclude the state education property taxes and county taxes.

Applications for the tax exemption are due by April 15 of each year. Please see the attached for details.

The Economic Revitalization Zones

The Economic Revitalization Zone (ERZ) tax credit offers a short term business tax credit for projects that improve infrastructure and create jobs in designated areas of a municipality. This is a two part program. First the Brookline had to officially accept the ERZ program and enabling RSAs then designate portions of the Town to be economic revitalization zones.  Second, businesses located in these zones (see maps below) can apply to the State for incentives as they build or expand their business.

Got questions?? FAQ for Businesses on ERZs

Map of Brookline's Economic Revitalization Zones. Please click on the map name below to view the location of the ERZ.




Download and fill out the form below by February 10 to receive tax credits for the previous year.

Forms - This form is a MS Word document for ease of completion

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